Startup F***Ups

06 - No Challenge is Insurmountable - EconoMe

Episode Summary

EconoMe is the first largest event for the FIRE Movement and making it happen was no easy task, luckily Diania is really passionate about personal finance, so her determination and entrepreneurial spirit led her to overcome every challenge from choosing the wrong partner, investing in marketing with no return over the investment, to a worldwide lockdown that badly impacted the live event industry.

Episode Notes

Trusting the process can help you navigate challenges.

Diania is an Entrepreneur passionate about financial independence and her startup is the first large event for the FIRE movement.

She got inspired by reading the blog from Mr Money Mustache and decided she wanted to inspire a community of people concerned about their personal finances.

So even though she was no expert event planner, she saw there was a missing gap for large events focused on financial independence and started working to create the EconoMe conference.

A place to bring people together where human interaction would lead to a growing community for the FIRE movement.

Through her journey she chose the wrong partners, invested resources in marketing without seeing return over her investment, and faced a worldwide lockdown and a hit to the live event industry like we’ve never seen before.

Overcoming those hardships and bringing 250 people together to listen from 9 experts was no easy task, but that achievement helped her shift the perspective from a $40k loss into a $40k investment.

What she shared: 

- The importance of finding the early visionaries that support you

- How to start with no audience through organic growth

- Why you should find a co-founder that allows you to grow and shift together

- Her mindset to approach the hardest challenges